Why Costa

Inbound Freight Logistics Crew

Why should you choose Costa Solutions? Simply put, we can help you accomplish more, with greater efficiency, and up to 50 percent less cost. When you outsource your supply chain labor to us, you eliminate many employment issues including payroll burden, the cost of employee benefits, insurance requirements, and minimize risk. The final result is lower costs, increased efficiency, and potentially greater profitability for your business.

The fact is, Costa Solutions is your ideal on-site solutions provider for intelligent inbound freight handling and managed services. We have the expertise, personnel, and technology to optimize your processes and maximize the potential of your unloading and warehouse managed labor needs.

With Costa Solutions you benefit from a motivated workforce trained, managed, and supervised by our own team. We have the expertise and technology to optimize your processes, and we take care of all the details of employee management, providing a turn-key solution, so you can focus on all the other vital aspects of running and growing your business.

“The Costa Team exceeds our expectations and continually strives to go above and beyond.”

Our Culture

  • Trust is built from company values and our commitment to being a dependable business partner who understands your unique needs
  • Our large number of long-term employees means greater reliability and proven expertise
  • Our employees go through background checks, drug screenings, and safety training to maintain a healthy work environment

Minimize Risk

  • We assume product/process risk and liability during freight handling
  • We indemnify customers under contract, with performance guarantees
  • We take responsibility for hiring, team development, and labor management
  • We are invested in the belief to remain union free, reducing third-party risk

“Their attention to detail and desire to stay a step ahead insures a safer work environment for our team and keeps moral at an optimal level.”

Performance-Based Pricing

  • We utilize both incentivized pay positions and performance-based pricing models to deliver a high-quality service
  • We provide a strong value proposition with the big picture and long-term relationships in mind, for a win-win solution
  • We focus on accountability, clear expectations, and motivated workspace relationships

Real-Time Reporting

  • Our proprietary technology gathers detailed data allowing for analysis and improvement of the business flow processes
  • We help you create and generate automated reports based on the information you need – compiling raw data, summary, trend, and analysis reports

Tracking and Reporting

We Are Partners

  • We believe in partnering with our customers for the mutual benefit of both your company and ours, so you can experience lasting value through your relationship with Costa Solutions
  • We create value through our dedicated service and communication to you and your operation
  • We boast a 98 percent customer retention rate – the highest in the industry!