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Insight for Warehouse and DC Operators

Incentivized Pricing & Outsourced Warehouse Labor

As a warehouse labor outsourcing firm, Costa Solutions has worked with many warehouse managers. If your warehouse or distribution center is like most, it’s a safe bet that approximately 65 percent of your operating budget is eaten up with labor costs. Here’s the part that really hurts: Far too many warehouse employees don’t feel motivated…
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Managed Labor Warehouses: Fire Your Temp Agency!

Costa Solutions has seen it happen time and time again… companies implementing a short-term solution to a systemic need for managed labor. It starts when a warehouse and distribution operation unloads its most expensive and problematic operations to a temp agency for short-term operational savings. While it’s true that lower costs upstream can mean a…
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Hidden Costs of Warehouse Labor

  Inbound freight handling seems like a straightforward equation: warehouse labor cost = operating cost/work rendered. However, this formula works only if one can accurately identify the factors that make the numbers work. These include: Is labor expense aligned with operational performance? Is the labor activity focused on value added tasks, or are there hidden…
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Managed Labor for Warehouse and Food Service

Keeping labor costs in check is critical to the success of any company in food service warehousing. As a typical warehouse’s biggest operating expense, labor costs can take up anywhere from 50 to 70 percent of the average company’s warehousing budget. Managing and reducing labor-related expenses, while simultaneously maintaining a high level of customer service,…
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Supply Chain Management: The SCOR Model

The Supply Chain Council (SCC) is a global non-profit organization whose framework, benchmarking tools, and improvement methodology support member organizations in making rapid and dramatic improvements in supply chain performance. The Council’s Supply Chain Operations Reference (or SCOR) model provides a unique framework that links processes, performance metrics, best practices, and supply chain professionals. The…
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20 Tips for Better Warehouse Management

The following 20 tips will improve your freight management system and keep the warehouse running smoothly.  Most of them are technology-focused; in future articles we’ll address process and labor best practices and the importance of performance-based models. And remember–you can contact Costa Solutions for a free evaluation of your warehouse management needs. 1.  Use of Automatic Data Collection: The main advantages…
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Costa Reduces Turnaround Time with Paging Systems

Every shipping network involves various key elements – vendors, service operations, distribution centers, warehouses, hubs and transportations routes, freight forwarders, carriers, importers, exporters, and many more. The thought of optimizing all of these elements is more than enough to give any supply chainmanager a major headache. The main objective of optimization is to reduce costs…
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