Inbound - Unloading Service

When it comes to freight unloading, we understand that having your operations run smoothly, quickly, and efficiently is all that matters. Costa Solutions has delivered an unsurpassed level of excellence to a wide variety of customers for more than 20 years. We are proven experts in truck, container, and railcar unloading and re-configuration of palletized freight, all via an end-to-end managed labor solution.

Our managed labor solution provides an organized and efficient unloading service while expertly handling challenges - such as imperfect loads - and minimizing negative impacts. Our LiveDock technology and trend analysis reports give you the ability to track pallet moving and freight management. You get to pinpoint efficiency gains while also identifying opportunities for improvement. 

It’s all part of our commitment to optimizing your receiving processes and promptly delivering the highest quality palletized product to your specifications.

Inbound Palletized Freight Handling

  • Unloading service
  • Dock scheduling
  • Freight hauling
  • Product put-away
  • Stocking/replenishment
  • Shipment verification and documentation
  • Time-stamped loads/orders
  • Analysis of load/order time breakdowns


Although Costa Solutions operations go far Beyond Unloading, our freight unloading service is the cornerstone of our warehouse management offering. We have experience with some of the largest warehouses and distribution centers in the region, providing high-efficiency unloading services through our vetted and well-organized managed labor teams.

We install managed labor at our customer warehouses and distribution centers to handle container and truck unloading. Our expertise and attention to process translates into faster unloading times, greater worker utilization, and fewer product losses due to mishandling for our customers.

Dock scheduling

Our automated dock scheduling technology LiveDock reduces loading dock bottlenecks and maximizes worker utilization. Validated information capture at the dock grants our customers near real-time insight into warehouse processes and allows at-a-glance diagnosis of issues. LiveDock is a proprietary technology built in-house by Costa Solutions, and is grounded by decades of freight unloading experience—we recognized the needs of our customers and built a customized solution to address them most effectively.

Freight hauling

Costa Solutions provides freight hauling as an additional service for our customers. There are often times when a particular load needs to be moved to another area in a warehouse complex or to another part of town, and we are proud to include hauling in our offering, saving our clients the need to contract expensive third-party hotshot drivers.

Product put-away

After inbound freight unloading at the dock, our managed labor teams follow optimized routes to put product away in the warehouse according to customer requirements. Our staff members on putaway teams are highly competent and certified to operate forklifts and other tools required for and end-to-end freight handling arrangement.


At the other end of the warehouse, we provide replenishment services for our customers. Whether using a routine or demand-based model (every warehouse need is different), we ensure that products are at the right spot in the warehouse at the right time so that your shelves and outbound orders are always stocked and ready to go.

Shipment verification and documentation

In today’s competitive world, a warehouse is only as good as the information captured within it. Costa Solutions teams verify and document every shipment received, ensuring complete record-keeping and mitigating the risk of lost or misplaced product. Our aim is focused beyond compliance to efficiency—we want for all the data we capture for our customers to aid strategic decision making up the value chain.

Time Stamping and Analysis of Load/Order Time Breakdowns

Time-stamping received loads is a major part of our data-driven approach, showing us trends in labor performance as well as measuring the effectiveness of Costa Solutions staff vis-à-vis client freight providers. We look at long-term patterns in product movement throughout the warehouse to optimize scheduling and routes.