More Than an Unloading Service

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies are looking to constantly innovate, cut costs, and increase speed and quality. 
Since 1988, companies have relied on Costa Solutions to do just that—and we are honored to work with some of the finest companies in the southwest.

Our focus on inbound and outbound warehouse production services allows our customers to focus on what they do best.

Big Investments in People and Technology

Costa Solutions provides resources to help your company adapt, creating change for today and continued success tomorrow. Our employees are our greatest assets.

"Our whole network is made up of incredible individuals from top to bottom, and this is where we feel we’ve been successful in differentiating from other businesses of our type," shares Costa Solutions President Chris Jaynes. "We really put our effort and our focus on our employees, because they are the direct reflection of who we are in front of our customers."

By outsourcing their supply chains to Costa Solutions, companies eliminate many employment issues, including

  • Payroll burden
  • Cost of employee benefits
  • Insurance requirements
  • Compliance and safety risks

We deliver reliable 24/7 managed labor services, including customized solutions for inbound, outbound, warehouse, and production services. Our internal IT department has created technology to help you gather detailed data, allowing for analysis, improvement, and sophisticated reporting.

Josh Wean, CEO of Costa Solutions, offers this explanation of how Costa Solutions' business model extends beyond unloading services.

“We not only provide service with excellence, we tie in other warehouse services, bringing technical reporting through the use of tablets and our proprietary database. We capture a tremendous amount of data.

Adding to that, we work with our team members to develop a career mindset and encourage them to bring integrity to their work, in keeping with our values. We continue to line up in a way that shows we’re not just an unloading service, we’re something much more, and really a step above what’s out there.”

Costa Solutions goes Beyond Unloading. Let us become your solution for success.

"We really put our effort and focus on our employees."

Chris Jaynes, President

"We work with our team members to develop a career mindset."

Josh Wean, CEO